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What are Escape Rooms?

Together with friends you are locked in a room with an interesting legend like an adventure, thriller or horror movie. You are now the main actors. The room is full of riddles, secrets, hidden mechanisms, and mysteries you should solve to accomplish the mission and find the way out. The escape rooms are also called real-life quests.

What is the duration of the game?

You have 60 minutes to accomplish your mission, and find the way out. It is important to come 15 minutes before the game start for briefing.

How many people may take part in the game?

Two to five people may play simultaneously. In case you are a bigger team, you may book two different rooms and switch over.

From what age are players allowed to participate?

From 16 and above. Under adult supervision, from 10 and above.

How can we get to Sherlocked?

By private car- driving via Highway 20 and exiting at Moshe Dayan Intersection, Rishon LeZion.

By railway – Moshe Dayan Railway Station, Rishon LeZion, and about 10 minutes walking.

What is the price of one game?

Depending on the number of participants the price is between 240 NIS and 400 NIS. The higher is the number of the players, the cheaper is the price per participant.

Is prior knowledge or preparation required before the game?

No, there is no need for prior knowledge or preparation. You will only need your common sense, logical thinking, creativity, and imagination, ability to pay attention to small details, cooperation, and team work.

Is the game safe?

Our main concern is that you enjoy yourself to the full. Therefore, we care first and foremost for your safety so you would have fun and get the perfect experience.

What will happen if you get stuck in the game and do not know how to move forward?

The game is under the Gamemaster’s supervision via video cameras installed in the rooms. You are allowed to ask for hints.

Can we grant the escape room as a present?

Yes, you may buy a Gift Card via our internet site or by phone.

In case you have additional questions you are more than welcome to contact us